C+C was founded in 2005 by Julie Colehour and Bryan Cohen.  Their first office was, well, a table.  C+C’s formative days were spent at Bryan Cohen’s kitchen table where Julie and Bryan established the C+C mantra (“Do Good Work,” in case you forgot) somewhere between breakfast and mid-morning high-protein snack.

C+C’s next office was behind a bridal shop, which did cause a bit of confusion, especially when a cute young couple from Puyallup was presented with a killer PR plan rather than the 2-piece wedding dress with crochet lace and silk corset they were expecting.

C+C stayed in that space until the need for a conference room that would seat more than one person comfortably prompted a move to bigger and better digs (also, not behind a bridal shop).  Here things really began to take shape, as the client list expanded and the secret sauce was set to “percolate.”

Within a year, it was soon apparent that something very positive and desk-filling was going on at C+C, and another move was made a couple floors down, where there were not only multiple conference rooms, but exterior windows AND a patio with a hammock.  A HAMMOCK!

And so we come to the present day, and the present office, where the conference rooms number in near double figures (named after cool songs, no less), and there is a view of the water if you kind of crane your neck a little bit under the Viaduct. Sadly the kitchen table and the hammock have since passed into C+C lore along with miniature Jar Jar Binks and the bridal shop. Come visit us and we’ll share our secret sauce, show you our awesome bombs and come up with creative, engaging work that will blow your shoes off (on)!