About C+C

C+C is all about changing behaviors for good. A lot of behaviors (and a lot of good). Choosing an energy-efficient LED light bulb over a traditional energy-sucking bulb. Opting for a seafood entrée that won’t be detrimental to the survival of said entrée’s species. Setting up a retirement account where no retirement accounts have gone before (that would be anyone under the age of 30). Taking transit. Saving water. Recycling. Recycling food. Recycling electronics. Improving energy efficiency in buildings. Protecting shorelines. Skyping with your doctor. Carpooling.

We work together with our clients to get results. Our toolbox is pretty big: advertising, media relations, guys in meat suits, blogging, snapchat, social, web banners, direct mail (yes, it’s still a thing), skywriting, flash mobs (just kidding), videos featuring zombies applying makeup, guys in banana suits, guys in Speedos on a trampoline, air cannons shooting t-shirts, videos featuring Kenny G, community events, going door to door, and it should be pretty obvious by now we’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done.